Monday, March 8, 2010

Trashy swap goodies

I am a happy girl today. I recently signed up for another swap with Char at The Pickled Pepper Patch(super talented and I have become a PPP groupie--thanks, Char) My swap partner was Jan from After you check out my goodies, go visit my new friend Jan. She has an awesome personality and Don't tell her, but I think she may have missed her calling as a writer. haha.Her personality is amazing and She's the type of girl that you want to come for  coffee and never leave. What a blessing to have met her. And, on top of all of that, she sent me all of this really super awesome cool stuff!!! How can you beat that? I feel speechless about how appreciative I am. The rules of this swap, which was a PRIMITIVE swap, were to find 3 items that some might consider trash and turn it in to treasure for your partner. Well, Jan's items and talent in transforming them were perfect for me. I love them and Jan, Thank You So Much!!!!  First, I have really, really wanted a gameboard with a crow, but well..... I was too cheap to buy a stencil to only use once( ya, well at least i am being honest). So I was super happy to find Jan had made this board for me. This is what it looks like on one side:

and here is the other: Awesome, huh? Just look at all these goodies!!!

Jan created this rolling pin out of one that looked new. Awesome. I love this!!! (Please tell max that)wink, wink.
I discovered recently that I had too much red, white, and blue in my front room. I was making a serious effort to watch for green items and wished I had green paint. I know, me without green paint, weird, huh?
So when Jan sent me this perfect green candle hutch, It is very possible that I may have been doing a little jig, maybe. If I was, it is not likely I would want to tell everyone. ok, I was... Happy Dance going on round here!!! Ha Ha!!!It is cool, huh? This candle is called "Olde Hearth"-- and I can't wait to try it.The card is so wonderful, as well and I am going to frame it. The whole package smelled heavenly,thanks to this wonderful potpourri of fixins:
i put it with a candle under my food screen in the kitchen right where I can enjoy the scent throughout the day.

Thank You Jan!!I am busy now finding places for my new treasures.and Thanking God for you and for them.
oops I almost forgot: Here are the items I transformed for Jan:


  1. I think you got some wonderful items from Jan...she has a great site doesn't she.


  2. Love all of your swap goodies!

  3. Ah....Cheryl? I just tried to do my dishes...kept hitting my head on the cabinet.....decided that Max must have MOVED the cabinet....turns out, my head is bigger.....!!! So glad that you liked the goodies! I was sweating it!! It always makes me nervous!! I mentioned to Max that you liked the Rolling Pin...his reply? "Of course she did, it's Primitive". This from the man who smacked up against something in the shop the other day and without missing a beat said "that'll be just a bit more primitive"....I think we are getting there!!

    I am so thankful that I met you too! And so glad that I made you smile today!!!!