Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trash To Treasure Tuesday_ 4th of July

Joining trash to treasure tuesday with KIMM at reinvented-- Love having some inspiration!!

I guess this was a cutting board. yuck.

and now it fits right in:

I bought these letters that spelled out Welcome for 50 cents each. The design on them did not match anything around here.

But with the fourth of july theme, I am loving them now.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


This is my favorite find this week: already primmed with a prerusted rack-$2!

Found this little chair_ and I already had 2 others. Going to paint them and hang them together like I saw in the recent issue of Country Sampler.

I got all of these stamps for super cheap!!!

and this candle lantern also( it needs new paint but it will hold a large candle.)

This is a keepers of the light candle for $2( came with a stand) This one smells like butterscotch pudding!!! YUMMY!!!

LOOOVE These bowls: I see them each in a different color?

Thought this was cute but the frame needs some work.

And something I think is absolutely beautiful: This lovely bucket cost me $2! There were some regular buckets there, but they were more expensive. I got this one cheap because the paint was chippin" (looks like a million bucks to me).

Hope you enjoyed looking at my finds!!! Thanks for coming by!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prim makeovers

So, I have been primming up a few things ( in yellow ). I cannot believe how much I love the yellow!!!

I can't believe that I could be in love with this yellow. ( This was a can of oops paint). I think I might move on to blue.

Am I ever going to get anything done around here?

Since beginning our move on May 29th, I feel like I have had zero time to get anything done in our new old home. Vacation, youth group, Brian's work_ all have taken up so much of our time. I guess i did not anticipate that everything would not be done in a day. Nor did i anticipate plumbing problems. NICE. Real nice.
We have gotten a bit of a garden in...... I don't mind that it is late because the weather has not been normal around here and we might not have had a successful garden if we had been able to plant early.

Our plan was to start in the front room. We planned on painting and ripping out the carpet to reveal the hardwood. Since this has not been possible, I decided yesterday to just start unpacking some things. So now I have random things around the front room, but i am ok with it. I Have a few things hanging on the WHITE walls, but i feel like it looked like I hated my home when they were blank. LOL!!

Do you want to know something that is WAY cool about buying a new old house? Presents!! I love presents!!! We had some friends bring us this beautiful clock,and other friends brought 2 of these cross lamps( I Love crosses)! So Sweet huh?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Junk Party

Joining Kennesha's junk party! I really, really need more lighting around here!! Yesterday I found this light fixture and figured I could make it LOOK old. They charged me $1.50!!
Then, at the next store, I found this fixture, which already looks old and rustic:and the lady gave it to me for FREE!

These "candles" were $2.00 each, but i figured i could make them look old as well. The best thing, they have sensors that make them come on when the light dims. Love that!!!

While we are on the subject of lighting, These are the lighting fixtures that were in the kitchen when we moved in. What do you think? Should I keep them? Yes I need suggestions, and while we are at it, There is a sneak peak of my kitchen cabinets, too. Paint them? Paint the hardware? What do you think I should do?

Thanks for your suggestions!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

We stumbled upon the end of a yardsale yesterday. They were selling all you can fit into a box for $5.00! Here's my first box:
here is the second box:

An awesome bargain on frames, huh?

Then at the next stop we found all of these antique bottles. They are in serious need of cleaning but they are so cool!! I told my husband "I want all of these bottles" He said "all?" What do you think- more than one person needs? maybe i should give a couple as a giveaway?

The total for all of these was $15.00. The large brown one in the back is a clorox bottle. One of the small brown ones says Lysol. There are a couple bayer and Jergens bottles as well. Now to figure out how to clean them!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


wow i am super busy... But i could not miss out on the goodwill party being hosted by thrifty decor chick. I could go on and on all day, but i will post a few favorite finds. The following three items were salvaged from a partially collapsed house on someones property. They would not take any money for them: first this table:

I know, huh?
I purchased this table for $12 the other day. The cashiers were talking about me- and thinking i must not have known the table was in half. Looks like 2 beautiful console tables to me. LOVE!!

please don't hate me for this find:
$12 for ALL of these! God really loves me.

Thanks for coming by, as you can see I am new at this.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And people laugh at MY decor?

I thought i would be fun to show you some of the light switch covers in this old house.