Wednesday, June 3, 2009


wow i am super busy... But i could not miss out on the goodwill party being hosted by thrifty decor chick. I could go on and on all day, but i will post a few favorite finds. The following three items were salvaged from a partially collapsed house on someones property. They would not take any money for them: first this table:

I know, huh?
I purchased this table for $12 the other day. The cashiers were talking about me- and thinking i must not have known the table was in half. Looks like 2 beautiful console tables to me. LOVE!!

please don't hate me for this find:
$12 for ALL of these! God really loves me.

Thanks for coming by, as you can see I am new at this.


  1. WHAT?!? Seriously?! That is amazing. I am beyond jealous.

    I love it ALL. All of it. The Goodwill around my house is stinky. Literally. Nothing that great. Wow.

  2. Love all your great finds!

  3. Ohhh I adore that red weathered table!
    I am going to follow your blog and watch how your dream developes :-). How exciting!
    Those plates will probably be snapped up on E-bay or Craigs list LOL!

  4. I just LOVE how the Lord knows the desires of our hearts. Sometimes, I pray before I go out on Saturday mornings for yardsales. Sometimes, He answers my prayers - and they are pretty specific! Just makes me smile!