Friday, May 21, 2010

Summertime Swap

I joined a "summertime swap" with Char at .The Pickled Pepper Patch I decided to go with a red,white and blue, since it was a summer themed swap. Here are the items I sent Vicki:

These are the items I recieved from My summertime swap partner, Vicki Hardcastle.Vicki is an artist .If you want to check out Vicki's blog, it is:
Thanks for swapping with me Vicki!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Have you heard of Church's Chicken? And you have to see my muppet chickens!!

In answer to your question about where to keep the animals.( This is the inner pasture)
Have you heard of Church's Chicken? Well, I call this my "chicken church"--yep, that is my chicken coop!!

I have to reveal to you what has happened to my chickens---- Some of them are muppets!

haha--look like muppets, huh? Check out the weird yellow chickens with feathers all down their legs.freaks, i tell ya!!

I was asked where to house the ducks.

This is our duck house/yard.(still not complete). There are 3 stalls underneath, and the kids and I made this by ourselves. Yes, seriously, it was simple.We also added a kiddie pool pond, but we took it back out to make a drain(from pvc pipe).If you think you can't do it, trust me, you can_If you want further instructions, let me know!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Country Life?

I bought quite a treasure today, this coffee pot is so large, it holds over 2 gallons!! They charged me a whoppin $2!! I love it!!

My husband decided to buy ducklings and chicks. These little chicks are so tiny, and adorable!!1

This is our second batch of chickens and ducks. The others have grown quite large, and are different breeds. We are not even sure what the other chickens are called.  They remind me of muppets(no kidding)-- I'll post pics of them another day!

Aren't they precious?