Monday, May 10, 2010

Have you heard of Church's Chicken? And you have to see my muppet chickens!!

In answer to your question about where to keep the animals.( This is the inner pasture)
Have you heard of Church's Chicken? Well, I call this my "chicken church"--yep, that is my chicken coop!!

I have to reveal to you what has happened to my chickens---- Some of them are muppets!

haha--look like muppets, huh? Check out the weird yellow chickens with feathers all down their legs.freaks, i tell ya!!

I was asked where to house the ducks.

This is our duck house/yard.(still not complete). There are 3 stalls underneath, and the kids and I made this by ourselves. Yes, seriously, it was simple.We also added a kiddie pool pond, but we took it back out to make a drain(from pvc pipe).If you think you can't do it, trust me, you can_If you want further instructions, let me know!!!!


  1. That is sooo cool..I thought about getting some Chickens or Ducks but wasn't sure if they would try and eat veggies in my think my dogs would chase them if they were loose or bark their heads off if feathered friends were inside a fenced in area...I did enjoy your pictures of the Churchs and other houses...pretty cool :)

  2. I LOVE fancy chickens! They are so cute! ANd so are thier coops!


  3. LOve your coops. They are so cute.

  4. Oh my word!! I absolutely LOVE those chickens!! They're so beautiful and the church is the showplace of the yard!!! So creative (: LOVE it!! An apartment doesn't make it easy for us to have chickens (tee-hee) but possibly when we move to a home with some land (: