Tuesday, November 24, 2009

cabinet transformation

We have been working in the kitchen. This is what the counter and cabinet started out like:Yes, pink and pine. yuck!!!!
And the after? well....... You gotta wait a bit.

Friday, November 6, 2009

What would Martha do?

Sometimes you have something in your house that is just not the way you like it. I say.... Don't keep it like that..... Ask yourself "What would Martha do?"

Why do you pay so much for furniture and they give you the ugliest pillows in history to go with it? YUCK!!!!! These are the pillows that came with my furniture. Maybe good for some, but NOT for me. So I ask myself, What would Martha do? ......

I like these MUCH better.I just hand stitched new fabric to the front.

Now onto the family room pillows:YUCKY!!!!

Then I organized a really ugly corner in my basement into this:

I used what I already had so I am very pleased!!! The kids laughed when I was trying to screw the peg board on the wall. They said "you are supposed to push harder" DUH!!!! but I eventually got it. Now I have so many more areas to organize downstairs that my husband said" when can we have a family clean the basement day?"