Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting rid of country hearts

remember these star hooks from yesterday? such a quick and easy change.
Isn't this a beauty? Well not quite, I guess. But it would be awesome without the heart.

Use aluminum foil as a template.

Use the template to measure a board to cut out of paneling or very thin wood. place wood in postion, paint and finish.

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TS finds and a couple tips-- and a shocking confession

hey y'all!! Don't you hate when they use "miracle adhesive" on labels? It seems the more you try to wash it off, the more it sticks!!Here is the solution:

Spread peanut butter on it! yup, that is right. the oil in the peanut butter loosens the label. Let it set, scrape it,..... spread the peanut butter back over it until all of the label can scrape off. yippy skippy!!! It works.

I went to TS yesterday and today.There is a new guy at the counter who is charging me less because he thinks I am cute. Here is the shocking confession:I feel like a Thrift Store whore. yup. i do....... hey but i will get over it....... look at the cute little things I found:$5.75for this:

$5.50 for this:

Disclaimer: I am not flirting with the clerk.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finished game boards and some finds and gifts.

Yesterdays projects---- that was quite painful to make that chinese checker board.

I love this washboard, I bought it at an estate sale. My brother bought me the soap, sweet huh?

So I was telling grandma about the washboard, and she says"oh ya, I have one of those behind my washing machine. Go get it and you can have it" wow-- here is the one she gave me: It is about half the width of the other---- love it!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Found a couple of treasures yesterday, and completed a few transformations this morning.

$2 each

$1 for the red shelf, 75 cents each for the pineapple and the angel

$2 each

And the transformations so far: It feels nice to be getting things done!!!!

(sorry about the cord--- that is going to be a job for the boys)
I hung the little red shelf by the front door, and the rest will have to wait!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Well the progress I have made so far, which is not much. The front room is looking like we are getting somewhere. I am desperately looking for just the right rug(s). I hate the pillows that come with couches, and I am planning on making some new ones-- when some miraculous time falls out of the sky. Some things I plan on replacing with some prim items as I get them finished, again when miraculous time appears.
We painted this cabinet and hung it over the stove.

This is an eclectic corner on the stairwall. Some things I love, others will go. Thinking about painting the chair? I bought it for $5 and the little quilted cover for 75 cents.

Learning to eliminate some items thanks to my very honest friends, and I love honesty. So, I am NOT going to show it, but the kitchen table is currently stacked with other things I eliminated-- To achieve the "less is more"concept. Thanks girls--- maybe tomorrow we will have a discussion of if I look fat in these pants.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I frustrate myself!! Can I get some prim advice?

Ok, I had this shelf, my husband put the backboard and pegs on it for me. I wanted a larger shelf with pegs because I had found these candles that are 15 inches!!!(I have a couple more if someone wants to swap for something). I put so many things on the shelf, took them off, you know--- for hours. HOURS. Why am I suddenly hating everything I try? Help.
I moved this giant bench in( it came from that junk sale)--not liking this arrangement so much either!

here is another pic from that junk sale:

MY husband bought this cabinet for me. It was $10.

that shelf paper was awful!!! My husband picked out and bought these dishes to go inside

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

junkin again

I am still having a camera problem, so my daughter took some more pics for me of the next day of junking. When we got back to the house where the sale was taking place, most everything was gone. OH, but I have been blessed with a husband who is starting to understand me, and helped me to unearth some treasures. Everything was filthy and needs a good cleaning....... but you have got to do what you have got to do for a treasure.

Friday, October 9, 2009

wow, what a day!!!

Hello my friends!!! I woke up today feeling super sick. I am so lightheaded. I have hardly slept for 2 nights.There was an estate sale in the next town over that started at 9 am. I felt so yucky, I thought about not going.I took a bath and got dressed and ready. I looked so super cute today, do you ever have those days? It is big for me to say that, because I have wrestled so much with low self esteem. Then when the dog broke a window downstairs, i really thought about staying home. I decided to just try to go, and I am so glad I did. Everything was a mess and I was digging in a basement with boxes covered in dirt.I was filthy and did not look so cute anymore. ha ha!! I found some treasures though(i can't get my camera to work, so my 15 year old daughter took all of the pictures with hers-sweet):

A large bench, a small bench, 2 wooden boxes, 2 wooden mirrors, a washpan and an oilcan.

This old window, cutting board, lantern and scoop:

This was an unopened 31 piece casserole set. I found this box under boxes of junk.

Under more boxes of junk I found a case of t.p.


all of these treasures buried in boxes

don't you just love these star mason jars? I have small ones, but this is the first big one i have seen

Want to guess what she charged me?

$40 for all of this, seriously!!!!There were ladders and washpans and old tables and jars.... I wish my husband could have been there to help me unearth things. I might go back in the morning,but I am grateful for what I found. Wait..... and that's not all.............. clearly from all my previous posts, I really wanted one of these:

I found it after I had gone in to pay. She charged me $5-- It made me happy!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

seriously? oodlekadoodle?

I am wanting one of these scales so badly, and people are giving them away... Check out this giveaway at oodlekadoodle

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Do I dare to be different?

I have been scouring Country Living, Country Sampler, and online pictures as I have been planning the decorating of my house. I have been to the flooring store, I even chose some flooring that I could live with(mostly because it had a lifetime warranty). Then, Everytime I come across a picture with painted wood floors, I drool. I love, love, love......ok.... I am way obsessed by them.
I am not sure where this picture came from, But oh my goodness I am in love!!!!

When my husband started pressing a little about my choice for the floors, I told him"I just can't find anything that I love, unless you want to give me painted pine floors". Then my husband, who is a carpenter, says, "I would do that for you, baby."
Except for the rough years I spent with this man, I would swear he is an angel straight from heaven!!!!! I am so excited. This is a very bold choice to make, I know.
Then, I really got to thinking, If I am having this hard of a time choosing flooring, How can I finish decorating if I choose just one style? Yes I love many country elements, and I love prim decorating, But i have so many things I like and cannot part with. So I am stepping out of the box. I figure in my country farmhouse, An eclectic country/primitive blend will be just right for me. Hope you enjoy watching as the house is being transformed. I hope you enjoy watching me step out of the box, and I appreciate you coming along. Pictures are on the way of the front room............. stay tuned!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

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