Friday, October 9, 2009

wow, what a day!!!

Hello my friends!!! I woke up today feeling super sick. I am so lightheaded. I have hardly slept for 2 nights.There was an estate sale in the next town over that started at 9 am. I felt so yucky, I thought about not going.I took a bath and got dressed and ready. I looked so super cute today, do you ever have those days? It is big for me to say that, because I have wrestled so much with low self esteem. Then when the dog broke a window downstairs, i really thought about staying home. I decided to just try to go, and I am so glad I did. Everything was a mess and I was digging in a basement with boxes covered in dirt.I was filthy and did not look so cute anymore. ha ha!! I found some treasures though(i can't get my camera to work, so my 15 year old daughter took all of the pictures with hers-sweet):

A large bench, a small bench, 2 wooden boxes, 2 wooden mirrors, a washpan and an oilcan.

This old window, cutting board, lantern and scoop:

This was an unopened 31 piece casserole set. I found this box under boxes of junk.

Under more boxes of junk I found a case of t.p.


all of these treasures buried in boxes

don't you just love these star mason jars? I have small ones, but this is the first big one i have seen

Want to guess what she charged me?

$40 for all of this, seriously!!!!There were ladders and washpans and old tables and jars.... I wish my husband could have been there to help me unearth things. I might go back in the morning,but I am grateful for what I found. Wait..... and that's not all.............. clearly from all my previous posts, I really wanted one of these:

I found it after I had gone in to pay. She charged me $5-- It made me happy!!!!


  1. Great finds. So glad you decided to get out. Have a great weekend.

  2. Wow Cher, you got some great things! You hit the jackpot for sure!! Hope you are feeling better!!

  3. OH MY GOSH! What a deal!! I would go back in the morning if I were you.

  4. wow you got some great deals and some really cool stuff..hope you are feeling better too.:)

  5. OMG!I am totally drooling here. You hit the Jackpot of a lifetime!!!! THis is all the best finds and I am so glad you got your scale:)
    I hope you are feeling better.


  6. Wow! You really scored big time! I hope you are feeling better, how can you not be after those great finds?!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend,

  7. Hey, thanks for coming to visit my blog and becoming a follower. I'll return the favor for you. And I can't wait to see what you do with all the treasures you found.

  8. You found some really fun things. I love the stars on the jars!

  9. Cher,
    Wow! You got a bargain...Great finds...Thanks for stopping by and sweet comments...Thanks for your prayers....I am up late and can';t wee in the I am feeling better but I haven't seen teh dr...will go Tuesday 20th...Thanks for your caring and prayers...Have a wonderful weekends..Kathy

  10. Glad you got your scales...Thank you for that lovely post....Now I know this sounds silly but it made me feel so good that tears came to my eyes...I am posting more of my old tried and true recipes today...