Friday, October 23, 2009


Well the progress I have made so far, which is not much. The front room is looking like we are getting somewhere. I am desperately looking for just the right rug(s). I hate the pillows that come with couches, and I am planning on making some new ones-- when some miraculous time falls out of the sky. Some things I plan on replacing with some prim items as I get them finished, again when miraculous time appears.
We painted this cabinet and hung it over the stove.

This is an eclectic corner on the stairwall. Some things I love, others will go. Thinking about painting the chair? I bought it for $5 and the little quilted cover for 75 cents.

Learning to eliminate some items thanks to my very honest friends, and I love honesty. So, I am NOT going to show it, but the kitchen table is currently stacked with other things I eliminated-- To achieve the "less is more"concept. Thanks girls--- maybe tomorrow we will have a discussion of if I look fat in these pants.


  1. Oh I love that red hutch and love!!! how you have the stuff on there your shelf simplified...looks your home..:)

  2. Cher - your red cabinet is awesome!!! I also love your 'big' bench!!!!! Very nice prims!!