Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Do I dare to be different?

I have been scouring Country Living, Country Sampler, and online pictures as I have been planning the decorating of my house. I have been to the flooring store, I even chose some flooring that I could live with(mostly because it had a lifetime warranty). Then, Everytime I come across a picture with painted wood floors, I drool. I love, love, love......ok.... I am way obsessed by them.
I am not sure where this picture came from, But oh my goodness I am in love!!!!

When my husband started pressing a little about my choice for the floors, I told him"I just can't find anything that I love, unless you want to give me painted pine floors". Then my husband, who is a carpenter, says, "I would do that for you, baby."
Except for the rough years I spent with this man, I would swear he is an angel straight from heaven!!!!! I am so excited. This is a very bold choice to make, I know.
Then, I really got to thinking, If I am having this hard of a time choosing flooring, How can I finish decorating if I choose just one style? Yes I love many country elements, and I love prim decorating, But i have so many things I like and cannot part with. So I am stepping out of the box. I figure in my country farmhouse, An eclectic country/primitive blend will be just right for me. Hope you enjoy watching as the house is being transformed. I hope you enjoy watching me step out of the box, and I appreciate you coming along. Pictures are on the way of the front room............. stay tuned!!!


  1. Hi Cheryl, When I saw the photo of your header...it looked so much like Utah and sure enough you are from there..me too..west valley city to be exact..all of my family s there..kearns, murray, west jordan and ogden..where do you live? have a good one..:)

  2. Hi Cher,

    My decorating motto is "Whatever makes me smile".
    I am definitely a prim gal, but appreciate just about any decorating style. As a matter of fact I plan on redoing my youngest daughters room in a more shabby chic style, and the painted pine floors would work perfectly in there, so thank you for the idea! ;-)

    Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog. I appreciate you leaving them, and they are a blessing to me.

    I look forward to following your journey as you work to make your house your dream home!

    Prim Blessings,

  3. Thanks for the follow!

    I love that Mason jar with the star. I have never seen one like that before...so cool!

  4. beautiful flooring idea! I need to put new floors in and I want wood - or at least wood look floors through the whole house, but my husband won't go for it..he insists on some carpeting in the living room (Boo hoo) and bedrooms.. I hope you get your painted wood floors, and your husband is a great sport for knwoing how important it is to you and being willing to do it.. I bet having a carpenter for a husband is awesome! :)