Sunday, June 28, 2009


This is my favorite find this week: already primmed with a prerusted rack-$2!

Found this little chair_ and I already had 2 others. Going to paint them and hang them together like I saw in the recent issue of Country Sampler.

I got all of these stamps for super cheap!!!

and this candle lantern also( it needs new paint but it will hold a large candle.)

This is a keepers of the light candle for $2( came with a stand) This one smells like butterscotch pudding!!! YUMMY!!!

LOOOVE These bowls: I see them each in a different color?

Thought this was cute but the frame needs some work.

And something I think is absolutely beautiful: This lovely bucket cost me $2! There were some regular buckets there, but they were more expensive. I got this one cheap because the paint was chippin" (looks like a million bucks to me).

Hope you enjoyed looking at my finds!!! Thanks for coming by!!!


  1. What fabulous finds! love them all! That bucket is so great, so are the wooden bowls and the tray! The little lanterns and those darling chairs. All great things!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. I agree with you...that bucket is beautiful! It's perfectly chippy! And I like the picture. And the chairs. I like it all!

  3. Cher, I love your bucket! The paint adds charm, to me! I see you love chairs- so do I. I've re-done a few, but sometimes leave them as is. Wish I could sniff that butterscotch scented candle... yum.

  4. You got some good goodies!
    I love the little chair!

  5. Such great the bucket and such a neat price!!!

  6. Love the little star lanterns. Very festive!

  7. Awesome finds! Love that little chair! I too scored a set of wood bowls this week, and I love your idea of painting them each a different color!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I adore the bucket and the boxes with the rusty rack! Good finds!

  9. Great finds!
    I am enjoying your blog. Glad you visited so i found you.

    Barbara jean

  10. Wow--you found some great items. I would love to see what you do with those bowls! Hope to see you over at my blog one of these days...