Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cabinet Transformation=$4

Look at this cabinet I picked up for $3. It may not look right, but is perfect height and width for this corner. So how am I going to fit this in my primtive decor?Watch:

You know the drill: sanding, painting,staining, and sanding some more:

Not bad for $3 and $1 worth of paint, huh?
I tucked this in the corner of the dining area. I put my new pegboard and new sign from Pam here as well.
I used to have a dish hutch and a desk here, but I didn't feel like it was a pleasant dining experience to ask someone to move if you needed to get around the table.-- so they are going to find new homes.
To be honest, looking back, I can't believe that things were so crowded before. While I loved the peices, I really need to listen to my friends who are willing to remind me that "less is more" hahaha

Then I put a few things on the other wall of the dining area:

I am still considering if I should stain these giant boards or not.
Now I have to remove everything from the kitchen and dining area and start scraping linoleum so we can get some tile laid. We also bought a refrigerator that all of our groceries can fit I know, I spend so much time trying to make a decision that I make NO decision-- so we finally just went with a great deal). so I can't wait until this is all finished!! In the meantime, I hope nobody comes to visit.... the stove and fridge will be parked in the front room, and things will be crazy!!! How do you deal with that? Dear friends.... you can't come in? lol!!


  1. your cupboard looks great......hugs, amy♥

  2. That cabinet came out awesome! You did good once again! And it looks great where you have it with all your other items!!


  3. love your 3 dollar looks really great with all your things..can't wait to see the new fridge and floor..;)

  4. When we were in Ohio last summer, my brother took us to Lehman's, the best hardware store on earth. The road pulling up to it is grooved with Amish wagon tracks and there is special parking for their horse and buggies. I think you would be in prim heaven there. Here is their website You're welcome!

  5. Wow girlie I loooooooove that cabinet makeover!!! It doesn't even look like the same cabinet! Your sign, pegrack & the whole display looks great!!! Thanks again for your purchase & I'm glad you like your goodies!!! Have a great evening=)

  6. That looks awesome!!! WOW, amazing. Great job.