Friday, March 19, 2010

Sherry Marrero-- How does so much inspiration, creativity, brilliance,talent and personality fit into one person?

Wow!!! I want to share with you my beautiful new Raggedy Ann. I got her from Sherry Marrero-- you can check out her blog ANNIES CUPBOARD here But have plenty of time before you do. This girl has more spunk and life and creativity in her than you can believe. She is my sister in Christ,It warms my heart to know that we get to spend eternity together in heaven.... I know there will not be a dull moment!!  She is so super talented.....Just look at my new dollie:



  1. she is absolutely adorable :) I have one of her dolly's and I LOVE it hehe

  2. yes, hello sherry i am a great fan of dolls and mixed media crafts. i recently found a free pattern i think it is the bunny pattern i would like to get your permission to use it in my magazine that i write for it is a non-profit organization and it is published monthly and i have several articles i write in it i just want to get your permission before we print it out and send it out if you would like i can send you a copy in the mail.

  3. Oh Gosh, you got me all smiles with your kind words girl! XOXOX Pamela Yes, you can use my bunny pattern. (your asking me? right tee-hee)thats sounds super fab. Cher your so awesome!