Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some people just don't understand (primitive decor)

I am so thankful for friends who love and appreciate primitive decor. It is a great blessing to me to have others share their ideas and talents and appreciation. I wanted to share a bit about why we "show off" what we have found or what we have discovered or the ideas we have in primitive decor. Some who just don't understand not only do not understand why you would tote a paint chipped bench INSIDE your house, let alone why you would blog about it and tell the whole world.( I'd like to buy the world an issue of Country Sampler Magazine).Oftentimes, people think that you are bragging about what you made or bought or were given, when it is simply NOT the case. You see, primitive decor is like a treasure hunt for ancient treasures. When you accomplish finding or creating that treasure, you share the idea or the accomplishment with your prim friends, but generally, people do not mean to say "I have a new tote and you don't na_na_na_na_na!! Ha Ha. Finding or creating these items does NOT make you materialistic. If you took the time to KNOW me, you would know that is not the case.As a matter of fact, My husband has to force me to buy new things most of the time. My car just recently went to the shop, and they gave us a list of things that needed fixed, and when my husband said "you just need a new car!", I teared up, and so he gave in and I get to keep my old car. ( of course I will have to wait a couple of weeks until my car is fixed). Now, if someone makes a primitive item, and shares their work or idea with you, that is a GOOD THING, and it is great that people appreciate their talent. Primitive decor includes putting items together to form a "gathering". So when people share their things, it is showing what treasures you made or found, and how you put them together. If I tell you my husband bought me an item that matches my decor, it is not to brag, but to say......."can you believe a husband actually understands?".

 Now with that being said, You just cannot imagine how much it means to have friends that have the same decorating style as you. Friends that understand what happens when people are talking about you like you are not there saying things like
"is she lazy, or does she just not know how to refinish a table... we should stain it for her"
"she actually means for it to look like that, She WANTS it like that"
"now I know for a fact that you can afford to buy a decent table, I don't know why you have that crap in here"
"looks like you gave up polishing many years ago"
"how much work are you going to have to do to that to make it usable?"
"I guess, if that's your thing"
"You could at least paint that"
Oh my. Those people are not invited over anymore. Ha Ha

So, HEY, Do you want to see my new tote?What should i put in it?


  1. I enjoyed this post more than you know! Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a great day...I haven't blogged for a while & I really need to get back to it.

  2. Hello,

    You know what I say about what others think of my things, lol, It's in my home, I like it, and you don't have to see it!!!!! And when you are here, if it bothers you that much...see ya later! that may sound bold and rude but it's what I like for decor. We all have our choice in what we like and dislike. Some just don't know how to keep opinions to themselves...cause it really doesn't matter what someone else likes...just as long as you like it.

    Have a great day and enjoy what you like and have been blessed with.


  3. OH I love the color of your could put your vintage linens in it.or your utensils..oh change it out with the seasons..add bowl fillers too it with like paper grass and add eggs and bunnys or those salt dough cookies that smell so yummy that everyone is could put in little flowers in vases and cover the vases with moss so the look like they are planted in it.:)oh the possibilities are endless...can't wait to see what you come up with...

  4. I enjoyed reading this post... how true when others don't understand us. I am the only one in my family that decorates country/prim.
    Love the new tote!

  5. How perfectly said!! I think I will print this off and put it on the door...fair warning!!

  6. I live your tote even though that is not one of my favorite colors BUT that is just me..After raising 8 sons and everyone always thought they should have blue things...I have made my house into only one room that is Blue..DENIM blue with Dick and Jane decor and accessories....That being said if it was me and lets say I was going to use it in my Dick and Jane room...I would put a crackle on it and then put things in it that were from the days when Dick and Jane was in style...But if I were to put it in a different room ...I would paint it hunter green or a very dark red and then crackel it and put old kitchen items in it for my kitchen or a cute prim doll and some dipped prim candles and anything else that I could find to go with them.
    Maybe I will start showing things in my blog one day (after I get moved) and ask for suggestions..I really like that idea.
    I will now be a follower of your blog and will also put you in my blog roll so I can see every time you post and....hopefully you will show us a picture of what you decided.
    I love the way you explained PRIM and might even do a copy paste of your explanation and post it in my group for all to understand...why I decorate like I do :)
    That was a GREAT post

  7. When I had my profile on online dating sites I'd often have guys say to me, "looks like that needs a paint job" (whatever was in the background of my pics) like I'm some helpless girl who's letting all her painted items peel.... They just don't get it LOL

  8. Really like your new tote and I use mine to hold cloth napkins on the breakfast bar. I love to tuck in fresh greens at the holidays along with a santa or gingerbread men.