Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GW Finds, sweet prim gifts, and some new homes for my treasures

Sorry for not posting for a while. I have been super busy with some projects around the house and with a new curriculum. I have a ton on my mind, but I know that there is too much there for it to come out in proper English today, So I will just share some pics with you-- Ya I know that is what you like!! God Bless You!!
Look at the candle dipper in the above post, Don't ya love it? I do!!! My husband is such a sweetheart!! He ordered it for me with some other really nice things__ I mixed my pictures up but you can see the rest on the last picture.
So as requested... the new homes of the wonderful things Lisa sent me( until I rearrange again, you know how that goes)-- I know I said it before but I can't help saying Thanks so much Lisa!!!

A few GW finds.:

My sweet husband decided to find me some prim gifts on his own!!! The scales, the cans(one says paprika)-- This gives me an indication of what he thinks primitive is. He also bought me the crock: what an absolute doll!! Thank You Baby!!

My husband ordered these for me. Cute stuff huh?


  1. Nice Goodies you got! Love the doll and pinkeep gathering!!

  2. Well how wonderful of your husband to buy you those things...I have one of the Candle Dippers and I love it.

    Great GW goodies...love the tins


  3. love all your goodies and I love the first photo and those goth looking windows...they add so much character...:)

  4. wow your hubby did a great job! I love the candle dippers...that is another thing that is on hubby's to do list=) I love all of your new goodies & how you have them displayed!

  5. Really great stuff and a wonderful hubby too!

  6. Great stuff! Your hubby is a keeper :)

  7. WOO HOO, I love all your finds.You have a great I eye. i just found your blog and i am a follower. I just love it!!!!!

    Prim Hugs,
    Hillcrest Home Prims