Monday, February 1, 2010

Are you ready to see how to get this much fabric for $5?

That is right!!! $5 per bag at the thrift shop!!! You are going to stain and grungy and cut and rip and tear anyway... this way it doesn't feel so bad.


  1. This is a Great idea ! I have done thid kind of thing with my father inlaws old shirts .After he passed away I made dolls for his grand daughters with his shirts. It was somethinhg special for them and the shirts didn't go to waste ! :0)

  2. O.k. Ya' know I NEVER ever thought of lookin' at the shirts for fabric before....outside of looking for wool ones ! Thanks Cher for opening my eyes !!! Wooot Wooot I wanna go thriftin' now.
    Seriously what a wonderful way to save $$$ and re~use items. Thanks soooooo darn tootin' much for sharin' this eye opener (for me anyway lol)
    Hope your day is off to a wonderful start and your tomorrow is even better =0}
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  3. Wow I never would've thought but that's a great idea! Gonna have to head to the Goodwill soon & see what I can find! Thanks for sharing this great idea with us!

  4. What a smart girl! I usually only looked for wood skirts, pants or jackets.

  5. WOW...that is an amazing rock girl!!! Thanks for this awesome tip.

  6. MY husband just saw this and said.... You made those shirts? HAHA

  7. Thanks for following my blog!
    My girlfriend at Purensimple was showing me a box of clothes she was getting rid of because their "rats" had chewed holes in them. This was after looking at the prim dolls she was making and bowl stuffers... I said why are you throwing out this material. She looked at me and her eyes lit up and she started pulling the clothes out of the box! It was too funny. Sometimes we miss what is right in front of us. Now I'm not a grunge fan but I love reusing, repurposing and buying at the thrift store!

  8. Smart crafter you are Cheryl!!! I'm going to start shopping at the thrift store around the block!! ;)

  9. Another way to save money and increase profits! Great idea.
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for following my blog!