Monday, January 11, 2010

a few finds and check out this print!!

I found this print and it seems just perfect,don't you think? Best part-- I can copy it. haha

Then I found this shelf--which goes perfect with this print and its frame.

I found these boxes and thought they were so cute, but they were peach.I almost passed on them but now I am so glad I didn't. Hey, they were perfect after staining.

Why am I unable to open a blog that I love? On 2 blogs I now get the message, Internet explorer cannot open page? grr!!!help!!!!


  1. I love your new things. I also get that message on one blog that I try to visit. I don't know what the problem is. It used to do it on another one but it seems to work now.

  2. Good evening Cher! What wonderful goodies! I love the re-do on the boxes. Great job.
    I just found you kiddo!
    I'm now following and adding you to my blog list

  3. I love your finds..and love the boxes stained..they look fabulous..:)

  4. Love your new finds. I really need to start looking for things like that to prim up my home.